Cryptocurrency Exchange Coming Soon

Hi everyone, it’s your CEO Andy here. As you know, the ICO ended yesterday, with over 13 million tokens sold. This is well above our soft cap of 10 million and more than enough for us to get the next stage of our plans underway.

A key feature of a workable cryptocurrency is that it can be traded. While making arrangements with existing exchanges to trade our token, we have also been in discussions about developing our own cryptocurrency exchange. I can now reveal that work is underway to make this a reality.

This could be a major commercial opportunity and highly beneficial for the company. As well as bypassing the need to pay a large sum for existing exchanges to list our token, we would, like all exchanges, charge a small fee for each transaction. By remaining competitive, we could see millions of traders using the exchange regularly to trade Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and a large range of altcoins and ERC-20 tokens, including Assetereum.

What’s more, we can charge for other ERC-20 tokens to be listed on the site. This could act as a stepping stone to get them onto other exchanges by increasing the number of their token’s transactions on the blockchain, making it a mutually beneficial arrangement.

This new asset is set to be very advantageous for ASET token holders. For one, it will act as a new source of revenue, a proportion of which will be paid as part of the regular dividends. For another, becoming tradeable should boost the token’s value, and is the first step towards it becoming spendable; another milestone that could greatly increase its worth.

We’re planning to launch the exchange in the next few months, so keep an eye on the blog and Facebook group for the latest information.

Please note: This has not altered our plans to be listed on other global exchanges. The exchange could be a fantastic revenue stream, and this is our main purpose in its creation; we will not be using it as an alternative to listing Assetereum on other exchanges. In fact, using the new exchange to increase ASET token transactions will strengthen our applications to be listed on other exchanges and could reduce the costs involved.

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