A Statement from our CEO

Hi all, I am Andreas Papaiacovou the CEO of Assetereum and I wanted to give you all a quick update.

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for your continued support. Each and every one of you is a valued member of the Assetereum team.

Progress of ICO

As you are probably aware, our ICO has been held back significantly by the recent ban on advertising for both Google and Facebook. Also, the recent slump in the crypto market prices has had an adverse effect of token sales as investors await the recovery of the prices.

The great news is that even though we have faced these adversities, we have achieved the Soft Cap and beyond, the business is moving forward and thriving.

We have many exciting projects lined up for these businesses which include a commercial portal involving one of the biggest Accountancy firms in the world. News on this and other projects will be given in the coming months.

Frequently asked Questions

As the major shareholder in both Utilico Energy and MyDiscountShop is the CEO not simply using the ICO to fund selling his own shares?
I can confirm that the ownership of ALL my shares from both these companies were transferred over to the ownership of Assetereum for tokens only. I have received no cash payments from these transactions. Hopefully this should demonstrate the confidence I have in our token and its future value.

As the only director does the CEO not have full control of the funds and where they are spent?
All monies received during the ICO will be used as defined in the whitepaper to consolidate and build the assets of the business.

The CEO is now the only director. Does this not give too much power to a single person?
It was always the intention to grow the corporate team. We are in the process of appointing several new board members to strengthen the board and bring additional experience to all areas of the group. Updates will come through in the next few weeks.

Once again, I thank you for your support. We have had a great start in a difficult market and are very excited about our future and the growth of the group.

Andreas Papaiacovou


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