Quick update for all Assetereum token holders….

The most common support messages we are getting in are regarding the following:

Google Authenticator: A lot of people are still struggling with the Google Authenticator. I must stress that once you have downloaded it and synced it with your Assetereum account, you must not delete it as YOU WILL need this every time you log in. The pass code produced on the app will change approx. every 30 seconds so you will need to put it in quickly. There are tutorials on YouTube if you get really stuck.

Trading: A few people don’t understand how to trade or withdraw. A small explanation of the options below may help.

Deposit: This means you are putting currency in your Assetereum wallet from an external wallet. If you are in the LTC wallet and select ‘Deposit’ this will give you the address of your wallet on Assetereum so you can go to your external wallet and send LTC to the Assetereum wallet address. You can only send the same currency to the wallet you are wanting it to go to. E.G Bitcoin to Bitcoin. Its then the other options below you would use to start trading the currency once it has hit your wallet. For the GBP wallet you will be depositing funds from your bank account into the wallet so you can then purchase/trade another currency.

Sell: This means you are looking to sell the currency of which ever wallet you are in. You have the option what currency you wish to buy the currency you are selling. E.g. You can sell your LTC and request BTC to purchase it. Another word for a sell order is a Trade.

Purchase: You can only purchase Assetereum on our exchange with GBP. This term is used for £ as if you were wanting to buy ASET with LTC you call that a ‘trade’ which would be a ‘sell order’. Once you have ‘Deposited’ GBP in the GBP wallet you can then select to ‘purchase ASET’ which will buy tokens from your £.

Withdraw: This is the opposite of deposit. Withdraw means you are sending currency in your Assetereum wallet to an external wallet. If you are in the LTC wallet and select ‘Withdraw’ this will ask you for the External LTC address of the wallet you are wanting to send it to. You can only send the same currency to the wallet you are wanting it to go to. E.G Bitcoin to Bitcoin.

Some Q&A’s of the most asked questions are as below.

How do I use Google Authenticator?
You need to download the Google Authenticator App which is free from your Android or IOS smart phone. Follow the instructions that you get when logging in to Assetereum and the App to sync them both together. You will need Google Authenticator every time you log in to your account, so please do not delete the App after the first use as you will need it again. The two-step verification code refreshes every 30 seconds to enable high security. Most secure websites have this additional security and it’s to protect your tokens.

How do I create a Sell order?
Log into your account and down the left-hand side click on My Trades. Then select Trade ASET. Enter the number of tokens you will to sell and select the currency you wish your Assetereum to be purchased by. Click Save and you will see your sell order in My Open Orders.

How do I cancel or amend a sell order?
You cannot amend a sell order. You can however cancel one as long as it hasn't been partially fulfilled.

How do I view my Sell order?
If you click on ‘My Trades’ you can see your ‘My Open Orders’, ‘All Open Orders’ and ‘My Transactions’. Your sell order in ‘My Open Orders’ will have an ID on the left-hand side. If you view ‘All open Orders’ this is a current list of ALL orders and you will be able to see ID numbers to the far left which will pinpoint where you are in the list of ALL orders. It will only show completed once ALL of the order has been fulfilled, you may see the number of tokens reduce and this is because only part of the order has been fulfilled.

How long does a trade take to complete?
As we have just launched the exchange, most early investors are wanting to experiment and sell. As there is a high demand of sell orders, there is no guarantee when they will be fulfilled as we have no control over the buying market. The more people who buy the more sell orders to be fulfilled. We are doing a massive sales push at the end of the month for new investors wanting to start their journey with us and purchase ASET whilst the price is low, so you will see an increase in buys.

Why is there a restriction on the number of tokens you can sell at once?
The reason why we have a restriction on the sell amount at the moment is because we want to make it fair for all investors and make sure there is a fair distribution of sales. We will monitor the situation and amend this restriction over the coming weeks.

Will the price of the token increase or decrease?
Now it's on the market, it’s the market who determines the price of the token. The more buys to sell’s will increase the price, the more sells to buys will decrease the price of the token, and if the buys to sells are equal the price will stay the same.

Can I purchase more Assetereum with GBP?
Yes – if you click into the GBP wallet, select Deposit GBP and follow the instructions on the screen. You will then see your deposit in the GBP wallet. On the same screen you need to select Purchase ASET and follow the instructions on the screen.

How do I Withdraw?
You can withdraw your crypto to any wallet address. Please make sure the wallet addresses you are sending to are 100% correct. If it is sent to an incorrect wallet address your Cryptocurrency will be irrecoverable.

When will we go on the global exchanges?
We have started this process and had applications in under NDA’s as per the industry standard. As many of you are aware, some of the global exchanges charge a significant amount of money to be listed. Due to the reduced ICO take up we did not have the funds to simply buy our way onto them. Another option that is commonly used is to generate enough volume on a lesser exchange to get noticed by the bigger exchanges which could lead to them listing us anyway. Another issue we have faced are changes in the SEC rulings concerning securities tokens. Many of the large exchanges have now put the loading of our type of token on hold. This is a major setback but it will not deter us from achieving our goal of being on ALL major global exchanges but it may slow the progress. We will keep you informed as to the ruling as information comes out.

What are the Companies primary focuses now?
The Companies primary focuses now are working on the Assets, which includes;
Utilico Energy is expanding with a new marketing and recruitment campaign.
MyDiscountShop Commercial White Labelling scheme is in full effect, which will bring            thousands of new shoppers to the site.
All our efforts are being focused on building these Assets and other revenue streams for our token holders.

How will the value of ASET increase if we are currently able to trade amongst ourselves?
New investors can Register to be a part of Assetereum and that’s why we are pushing for everyone to share and push out to other markets to get people involved which will increase the value and all token holder’s investments.

What is the benefit of having our own exchange
The benefits of having our own exchange is that it creates Transactions, which assists us in getting on the global exchanges and gives investors a chance to trade whilst we are working on the global exchanges.

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