Update - 13/09/2018

Hi All, 

Assetereum is now well under way with pushing the assets outlined in the updates recently published through the very recent webinar.
Due to the nature of the businesses Assetereum is involved with (traditional business) the need for Daily updates on progress etc will not be provided, more that weekly monthly and quarterly official updates will be given as and when, giving of course the relevant timescales required so that situations have time to grow and change.
Any breaking news will be issued immediately as it comes in!
Please carry on using support@assetereum.com for any questions this is working really well, the girls are working hard to satisfy the demand and we have happy supporters getting answers to their questions .
Now with the added addition of the latest news section and the reminder of any new updates we are satisfied everyone is getting all the exciting relevant information quickly and easily
Paul (Ceo)

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