A Business Development Update

Hi all, it’s your Business Development Manager Paul again, here to bring you the latest updates from Assetereum and its subsidiary companies. If you didn’t see my last update, you can read it here.

With the acquisition of Utilico Energy and MyDiscountShop now complete, we can announce some of the major developments we have planned for these businesses.

Utilico Energy
1. We will be launching a big recruitment drive in four to six weeks’ time, with the intention of taking on over 100 new brokers to more than double sales in the next three years.
2. We’re developing some brand new training courses for brokers and people looking for agency owning opportunities.

3. We have improved our process for creating branded versions of the MyDiscountShop website for charities and community organisations, which will help get more companies on board for our mutual benefit.
4. Larger companies will soon be able to buy their own branded version of the website, increasing usage and revenue streams.
5. Plans are underway to launch an international version of MyDiscountShop, which will operate across Europe.
6. A corporate benefits system is under construction. This will use the functionality of the benefits system from MyDiscountShop, which will be packaged into a software to be sold to big companies to use in their own businesses. We already have interest from some big names (please forgive the non-disclosure).
7. With high commercial reach, MyDiscountShop is a major asset for Assetereum and profits from these ventures should be in the multi-millions over the next three years.

8. We have targeted a number of exchanges and are still on target to be listed by the end of July.
9. We are seeing promising returns on our crypto trading activity, with good success trading some low value altcoins such as TRX and NEO. We are making low risk trades to produce steady returns as part of a long-term strategy.

Market Value
Once crucial factor in determining the market value of the token once it’s on the exchanges is how it can be spent. The ability to use Assetereum as payment for goods and services will increase its value considerably. The fact the we own an e-commerce website is therefore a huge bonus, and we are putting systems in place to allow people to spend their ASET token at MyDiscountShop. This means that the tokens can be used to buy from over 500 retailers, including major high street brands, which is fantastic news for Assetereum and its future market price.

I hope you find this helpful. We will be in a position to release figures once we’ve reconciled all accounts at the end of the tax year. We’re pushing forward and are still on target during this tough time for ICOs, so thank you for being an invaluable member of our team.

Paul Hardeley
Business Development Manager

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