Your 10 Point Update

Hello and welcome to the official Assetereum blog! We’ll be using this space to bring you all the latest news about our asset backed cryptocurrency and answer some of the questions that keep coming up from our token holders and supporters. We want you to get the most out of these posts, so please do let us know how we’re doing, and if you have a burning question that you think we should cover, tell us!

My name is Paul and I’m the Business Development Manager here at Assetereum. I want to start by sharing some of the progress the business has made so far, just a few weeks into our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale.

The Assets 

1.     We are on target to acquire two successful businesses, MyDiscountShop and Utilico Energy, by the end of the ICO, which are two of the main assets which will give Assetereum tokens their base value. Details of profits will be shared within the first year of trading, and profits will begin being shared with token holders.

2.    We have made preliminary enquiries into property in the Bowness to acquire a hotel in the region, which could be a great addition to our investment portfolio.

3.       MyDiscountShop is close to finalising contracts with up to 6,000 new businesses.

4.    Utilico Energy is making improvements to it’s energy procurement to increase efficiency. A big recruitment drive is also taking place, with new training packages being offered. We are on target to improve the turnover substantially.

Coin Exchanges

5.    I am happy to announce that we will be on a trading exchange, which will allow token holders to exchange ASET tokens for other coins. This should be happening in mid- to late-July.

6.    We are also in the process of creating our own exchange, which will provide another trading platform and will be another asset to support the coin.


7.    Our strategic trading of alt coins has begun, with good success despite the tough market at the moment. Continuing at this rate, our projected profits look very promising.

8.    Based on our calculations, we have made the decision not to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum, which has proven to be the right decision in the currently declining market. This may change in the future: the value of our tokens is based on assets not just the market value, which gives it the best of both worlds because we can still take advantage if and when the market starts to improve.

The Team

9.    We have employed a new Marketing Manager, who has big plans to raise awareness of the tokens and increase sales.

10. Just to remind you, our co-founders have committed to keep 75% of their token holdings for a minimum of 12 months to secure the token when it hits the main exchanges. They are confident that the coin will be a success, which is why they’re happy to put their money where their mouth is.

I hope this quick summary gives you a taste of what we’ve got going on. With the crypto market in a slump right now, asset backed options are set to become more and more popular, and we’re well on track to achieve our goals. By getting involved early, you’re one of the people set to benefit the most as the assets grow in the coming months and years.

This is a very exciting time for the business and for token holders, and we look forward to giving you further updates as things progress.

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